Thursday, October 3, 2013

Disney Inspire Day 2013


Words cannot describe how insanely stunning every aspect of today was! From the break down of the pipe line presentation, to the one on one lunch we had with industry professionals, to the personalized break down of our respected disciplines. EVERYTHING was perfect. Never a dull moment. 

Such an eye opening experience to see that this dream can become a reality. That something so brilliant and perfect as a final version of a Disney animated feature film, takes the same first steps we take when doing projects for school. This experience has made the intangible, a satisfying reality; it is something we know now to be accessible in the future if we keep are hopes up and maintain our passion and drive. 

This experience was life changing and I am forever grateful to the team at Disney Animation Studios for making this truly magical and inspiring event!

Huge thank you to Becky Bresee, Wayne Unten, and Adam Green for allowing us to bombard you with questions as you tried to eat lunch as well as for your amazing presentation on the work flow of animators at your studio.